Water Street Cashmere DK

Water Street is 40% cashmere and 60% Super fine merino; dk weight; 3 ply, ~165 yards and ~2oz; 5-7 sts/in on US 3-6.

Water Street Cashmere Worsted

Water Street Worsted is 30% cashmere and 70% Super fine merino; Worsted weight; 3 ply, ~160 yards and ~2.5oz; 4-6 sts/in on US 6-8.


Atlantic is 100% Falkland Island’s Super Fine Merino; Two Islands, Two Hemispheres & One Ocean; worsted weight; 3 ply, ~170 yards, ~2.5oz; 5 sts/in US 7

Beach Avenue – Worsted Yarn

Beach Avenue is 70% Baby Alpaca,30% Fine Merino; worsted weight, 3 ply, 135 yd/skein; 3.25oz, 4-6 sts/in US 6-8

Forever Lace

Forever Lace is 80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Fine Bamboo; lace weight or 3000 YPP: 2 ply, ~310 yards, ~50gm; 8–10 sts/in US 0-1; 24 wpi

Ocean Avenue

Ocean Avenue is 100% Super Fine Merino; worsted weight; 3 ply, ~180 yards, ~3oz; 4-6 sts/in US 6-8

Worsted-weight Exotic Blends

As a Micro yarn mill, we are always developing new yarn blends including yak, camel, qiviut, possum and other fibers. Come and look at all the exciting yarns!

Fingering Yarns

Fingering yarns have always been a North Light Fibers cornerstone and we are excited to present unique fiber blends and colors within our family of fingering yarns.

Rug & Other Yarn

These yarns are very in gauge for knitting or weaving and include Rug Yarn (alpaca/llama); SuperSoft yarn (alpaca/soysilk/bamboo) and Magic Yarn (100% merino).