Deborah Newton's Designer+ Knitting Retreat June 5 - June 8, 2022

This brand new retreat is focused on taking the classic sweater into the future. Pre-requisite to this retreat is Deborah's Designer workshops. This is a must attend as you and Deb will review many of the classic sweater styles with hands-on learning and then you will apply and modify the classics to future designs. Modifying the past to create the future. Please click here or on the the image below to view and download the brochure to see the schedule, plans, rooms and workshop overview.

Let’s explore-- in detail!-- the roots of our knitting craft. This year we will have a design survey of all the classic sweaters of the world. Also, we will take a closer look at how fashion has borrowed their shapes, details and patterning.

Let’s learn how to adapt these classic garments and accessories— and update them for our own designing! What do we mean by the classics? We will take a journey through numerous styles and concepts including:

  • Shetland Isle concepts: both colorwork and lace

  • Guernsey garments and texture in patterning

  • Aran variations, garments and accessories

  • Cowichan structure and detail

  • Andean/Peruvian: unique ways of working with color and motifs

  • Icelandic yoke concepts

  • The full range of Scandinavian classics, garments and accessories

  • Greek and Anatolian patterning: unusual patterning and how it is

    different from other traditional colorwork

    A three day workshop will make you an expert on these classic garment and knitted fabric concepts-- and how to update them for use in your own work.