The Complete Yoke Sweater Workshop with Kristin Drysdale 2nd Session June 6-8, 2023

This workshop is for everyone.  The initial workshop with Kristin filled and we are now planning a second workshop for another 15 knitters. Please sign up as this workshop will quickly sell out based on the waitlist.

If you can knit and purl, you can take this class. If you are a proficient knitter, you will learn tricks improve your colorwork skills and learn to alter patterns make a unique version of a sweater that will fit you perfectly.

We will be working on a DK Top Down- Yoke Sweater Design especially for this class with North Lights Fiber yarn. This sweater can be made with either Water Street or Seaside yarn.  This yoke sweater can be made with short , ¾ length, bracelet or  long sleeves and can be knit as a pullover or a cardigan. The length of the sweater  also is up to you.

We will talk about all versions of yoke sweaters and why designers choose to design bottom-up or top down, and the advantages of both methods.   I will design a top-down yoke for this class so that we can jump right into the colorwork in class.  The class will focus on gauge, ease and fit and how to make alternations to a pattern so that you tailor the fit for you. We will work on Continental knitting (picking) English knitting (throwing). We will focus on gauge magic, and how to make gauge work for you. You will learn that gauge is your friend and sweater math is a superpower that will make you a better knitter, and it will empower you to make garments that fit. We will learn all about stitch and row gauge and what this means for colorwork knitting and how you can make this knowledge work for you.  We will also learn how to convert a pullover to a cardigan (just in case you’d rather make a cardigan).  I will teach you how to work invisible increases.  I will teach Continental purling (my favorite way), and when and where to add short rows (my favorite way).  Of course, we will be casting on (and learn how to estimate how much yarn to use for a long-tail cast on.  Together we’ll knit the ribbing on the neckband (and learn tricks to improve your ribbing, so that you are thrilled with the outcome from the start).

We will also be working on color-work techniques like catching floats with the main color and the contrasting color, yarn dominance , troubleshooting stitch and  row gauge, holding the yarn with one color in each hand (or two in the left hand), steam blocking, weaving yarn in and out.

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