Cayley - by Cecelia Campochiaro

Cayley is a cozy, generous scarf with horizontal and vertical lines in a soft grid. The soft grid is created by working two 1-row patterns from sequence knitting every two rows, one with just knits and purls, and one with slip stitches. The knit-purl only rows are worked in just fingering, and the knit-purl-slip rows are worked with the fingering held with lace to create marled stripes.

We have organized your yarn purchase in one bundle so you can get the Spring Street and Forever Lace at one time. Please order the pattern directly from Cecelia so she can be in touch with you. The pattern calls for 3sks of Spring Street (Fingering) and 1 sk each of two Forever Lace colors (80%Alpaca/20% bamboo).

Pattern to be ordered from Designer.

per dozen
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