Welcome to North Light Fibers

Notice to shoppers. Orders placed after 11:59 Sunday 12/19 will NOT ship till January 3rd, 2022. We are off island visiting family for the holidays.

We invite you to enjoy our yarns, visit Block Island and visit our Micro Yarn Mill where we produce handcrafted artisanal yarns made 100% on Block Island. The natural fibers are handled over 20 times as we take the fiber from shearing and dyeing to carding, spinning and plying to create deep hued and heathery color blends. We also work with women owned and disadvantaged weaving and knitting centers to create beautiful garments and home décor items from our yarn.

North Light Fibers designs are based on timeless principles of clean lines, simplicity and geometrics as well as a blend of texture and color. Block Island is located 12 miles into the Atlantic and if you cannot come to the island, please visit our website, join our mailing list and like us on Facebook, Instagram and Ravelry. We hope you enjoy our website and thank you for visiting.

What Our Customers Say...

  • “If you have not been to the mill, you really need to. The North Light story is fantastic and you really understand what Sven, Laura and Karyn are trying to do. The mill, 1661 animal farm and the island are magical. Oh, and the dogs are awesome.”

  • “Water Street is luscious, soft and elegant. The heathery colors are perfect. It is on the top of my list!”

  • “I was a bit skeptical as I am not a knitter but my wife is and she really wanted to go. While she loved the yarn and all the patterns, the tour of the mill was great and the discussion we had about the island, the mill and year round economic development was really cool.”

  • “The Spring Street fingering yarn is a joy to knit. The way Laura and Karyn spin it and the colors are just right. Thank you.”