About NLF & Store

Our goal is to make world-class handcrafted artisanal yarns from exotic fibers and demonstrate that year-round manufacturing can work in a highly seasonal location like Block Island. We love working with fibers and making the yarn 100% on Block Island – from washing and dying to carding, spinning and finishing as well as producing hand knit and handwoven garments and home décor. 

The store is open 7-days a week through October from approximately 10am - 2pm with mill tours offered at 10am weekdays. We are open Thanksgiving and during the holiday strolls in November and December.

In an effort to get everyone involved in fiber and making, we also offer classes every week during the summer:

  • Beginner knitting class: Monday 1pm
  • Intermediate knitting class: By appointment
  • Beginner crochet class: Wednesday 3pm
  • Needle felting class: Monday & Friday 10am

We hope you will visit the store or email (sven@northlightfibers.com) so we can get you signed up!