The Micro Yarn Mill

North Light Fibers was started in 2009 as Laura and Sven Risom built a yarn mill on the 1661 Farm. Handcrafted minimally processed blended yarns were produced  from exotic fibers such as alpaca, yak, merino wool, bamboo, camel, mohair, soy silk and many other fibers. North Light Fibers produced a range of yarn weights, from lace/fingering yarns all the way to super chunky and rug yarn. While the mill equuipment evolved with needs, it continuously included two carders, 2 spinners, a player/spinner, steamers, skein winders, pickers, washers and dye vats. The mill wass located in the middle of the animal farm and were surrounded by alpacas, camels, yaks and other fantastic and exotic fiends – please know that you will need to walk through the alpacas to get here. Visitors came and feed the alpacas to see the mill. Over 5,000 tours of the mill were given over the 14 years and we enjoyed meeting everyone of the visitors.

“North Light Fibers was one of the most complete mills in North America” stated Jeff Birtwistle as we take the fiber from Shearing To Skeins. We tumble, wash, pick, dye, de-hair, card, spin, ply and finish all the yarns here at the mill on Block island and invite you to see and learn more about our process. And then we weave and knit beautiful garments and home decor items like rugs, placemats and potholders!

Laura, Karyn, and so many great employees enjoyed making yarn and showing how yarn is made. Please call us at 401-932-8510 or e-mail us with questions. We know you will love Block Island and North Light Fibers…….

Mill - Spinner Fiber on a screen Winding a skein Maintenance of the carder Carder at the micro mill